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Farmavita Permanent Colors - Professional Life Color Plus 100 ml

For Professional Use Only.

Life Color Plus Professional: is the new intensive, permanent 100 ml Farmavita coloring, based on a synergic system that extends the duration of the color, thus protecting the hair structure and assuring a total covering of the white hair at 100%. The natural sunflower extract protects hair against damages caused by external agents and by the increasing of free radicals. The sunflower seeds are rich in protective substances as Polyunsatured Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, vitamin A and Poliphenols which help hair to fight the U.V. rays, smog and to restore the scalp balance. Thanks to all these properties, you will obtain bright and natural hair with a wide range of colors.

Life Colour Plus is a permanent hair colour cream based on a new advanced formula with high technical properties. Ultra easy and fast mixing thanks to its very soft cream emulsion. To squeeze the tube you only need to press very lightly with your fingers. The mixture of cream colour and peroxide can now be mixed very quickly. It takes one minute! The resulting mixture is very creamy and soft.

Barrier effect: more protection during the treatment. A new anti-irritation molecule creates a protective barrier for the skin and for treated hair, giving a soothing feeling during the application.

No more ammonia smell: put a stop to annoying sensations due to ammonia for clients and operators. The disagreeable ammonia smell has been completely neutralized thanks to a revolutionary perfume-base that, instead of covering the ammonia smell, absorbs and completely destroys the ammonia odour.

Extra shine: Thanks to its new base the colour results more shining and hair softer.

How to use: Please follow instructions printed inside the box. This is a professional product and can only be guaranteed by use of a professional hair dresser.



1N / 1.0 Black

3N / 3.0 Dark Brown

4N / 4.0 Medium Brown

5N / 5.0 Light Brown

6N / 6.0 Dark Blonde

7N / 7.0 Medium Blonde

8N / 8.0 Light Blonde

9N / 9.0 Very Light Blonde

10N / 10.0 Platinum Blonde


4NI / 4.00 Medium Intense Brown

5NI / 5.00 Light Intense Brown

6NI / 6.00 Dark Intense Blonde

7NI / 7.00 Medium Intense Blonde

8NI / 8.00 Light Intense Blonde

4NW / 4.03 Warm Medium Brown

5NW / 5.03 Warm Light Brown

6NW / 6.03 Warm Dark Blonde

7NW / 7.03 Warm Medium Blonde

8NW / 8.03 Warm Light Blonde

1C / 1.10 Blue Black

4C / 4.1 Medium Ash Brown

5C / 5.1 Light Ash Brown

6C / 6.1 Dark Ash Blonde

7C / 7.1 Medium Ash Blonde

8C / 8.1 Light Ash Blonde

9C / 9.1 Very Light Ash Blonde


7DI / 7.33 Medium Intense Golden Blonde

8DI / 8.33 Light Intense Golden Blonde

9DI / 9.33 Very Light Intense Golden Blonde

4D / 4.3 Medium Golden Brown

5D / 5.3 Light Golden Brown

6D / 6.3 Dark Golden Blonde

7D / 7.3 Medium Golden Blonde

8D / 8.3 Light Golden Blonde

9D / 9.3 Very Light Golden Blonde

8B / 8.13 Light Beige

9B / 9.13 Very Light Beige

8FD / 8.30 Golden Blonde

9F / 9.02 Swedish Blonde

10F / 10.02 Pearl Blonde

5T / 5.31 Dark Tobacco

6T / 6.31 Medium Tobacco

7T / 7.31 Light Tobacco

4CI / 4.35 Medium Chocolate Brown

5CI / 5.35 Light Chocolate Brown

6CI / 6.35 Dark Chocolate Blonde

4MM / 4.75 Medium Brown Mahogany Brown

5MM / 5.75 Light Brown Mahogany Brown

6MM / 6.75 Dark Brown Mahogany Blonde

4RM / 4.5 Medium Mahogany Brown

5RM / 5.5 Light Mahogany Brown

6RM / 6.5 Dark Mahogany Blonde

6RT / 6.45 Dark Titian Blonde

7RT / 7.45 Medium Titian Blonde

8RT / 8.45 Light Titian Blonde

5R / 5.4 Light Copper Brown

6R / 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde

7R / 7.4 Medium Copper Blonde

8R / 8.4 Light Copper Blonde

7RI / 7.44 Medium Intense Copper Blonde

8RI / 8.44 Light Intense Copper Blonde

9RI / 9.44 Very Light Intense Coppern Blonde

5RD / 5.43 Light Copper Golden Brown

6RD / 6.43 Dark Copper Golden Blonde

7RD / 7.43 Medium Copper Golden Blonde

8RD / 8.43 Light Copper Golden Blonde

6CR / 6.46 Dark Copper Red Blonde

7CR / 7.46 Medium Copper Red Blonde

5RR / 5.64 Light Red Copper Brown

6RR / 6.64 Dark Red Copper Blonde

7RR / 7.64 Medium Red Copper Blonde

6RS / 6.66 Red Scarlet

7RS / 7.66 Light Red Scarlet

8RS / 8.66 Flame Red Scarlet

5RV / 5.62 Dark Red Violet

6RV / 6.62 Red Violet

7RV / 7.62 Light Red Violet

4I / 4.20 Medium Irisee Brown

5I / 5.20 Light Irisee Brown

10S / 900 Extra Light Blonde Sup. Light.

10SC / 901 Light Ash Blonde Sup. Light.

10SP / 902 Platinum Blonde Sup. Light.

10SD / 903 Extra Light Golden Blonde Sup. Light.

10FG / 911 Silver Wistaria

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