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TCQ Nano Technology Lotion 250 ml. Phase 2


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TCQ Nano Technology Lotion Phase 2 Recommended for home maintenance after application of Nanokeratin treatment after a permanent straightening.

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TCQ NanoTechnology Lotion 250 ml. Phase 2

How to use: After using the TCQ Nano Keratin Shampoo Phase 1, you must remove the excess water with a towel. Take the treatment TCQ Plus Nano Lotion Phase 2 and apply directly to the scalp, or apply with fingertips and give a light massage. When finished proceed to brush your hair.

Ingredients: Agua, Extracto de Aloe Barbadensis, Extracto de Romero (Rosmarinus Officinalis), Glicerina, Alcohol Etílico, Elastina Hidrolizada, Extracto de Lúpulo (Humulus Lupulus), Mdtionato de teniotilo, Pantenol, HCl Piridoxina (Vitaminas B6), Simeticona, Mentol Natural, Imidazolidinil Urea, Metilparabeno, EDTA, Fragancia, Puede contener: FD&C Azul No.1 (C.l. 42090), FD&C Amarillo No.6 (C.l. 15985), FD&C Rojo No.40 (C.l. 16035).