Reduced price! RG Cosmetics Keratin Super X-Treme Kit (Smooth Cream 1kg, Activator 32oz, Neutralizing 32oz) View larger

RG Cosmetics Keratin Super X-Treme Kit (Smooth Cream 1kg, Activator 32oz, Neutralizing 32oz)


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This Kit contains:
(1) RG Super X-Treme Smooth Cream 1kg
(1) RG Super X-Treme Activator 32oz
(1) RG Super X-Treme Neutralizing Shampoo 32oz

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RG Cosmetics Keratin Super X-Treme Kit (Smooth Cream 1kg, Activator 32oz, Neutralizing 32oz)

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This Kit contains:
(1) RG Super X-Treme Smooth Cream 1kg
(1) RG Super X-Treme Activator 32oz
(1) RG Super X-Treme Neutralizing Shampoo 32oz


The RG Cosmetics Super X-TREME treatment system provides intense nourishment to hair while smoothing and relaxing each strand. Its advanced formula of straightening and Guanidine-based relaxation utilizes Argan Oil with RG Cosmetics ultra-nourishing technology that hydrates and protects hair.

Used as a system, the Super X-TREME enriched cream formula easily mixes with the activator, ensuring an easy and smooth application. The results: straightened, relaxed and hydrated hair.

For best results, the Super X-TREME system is to be used with the Amazon X-treme Keratin Treatment.

Use the meters to measure the amounts of Cream and Activator needed to do the treatment. Make the mixture in a non-metallic container with a non-metallic spatula to obtain a homogeneous cream.

It is required regardless of hair type. Through the strand test, you will find the ideal action time of SUPER X-TREME suitable for your hair type and if your hair is in the ideal conditions for the transformation. Each hair is different and reacts according to its current conditions, so always do the Strand Test, even if you already know or use the product.

    1. Separate and isolate a strand of hair from the nape of the neck.
    2. 2- Apply the mixture SUPER X-TREME on the Test Strand and spread evenly with the back of a comb without removing the product.
    3. Check the test strand every 5 minutes, giving the malleability and the degree of relaxation to a transformation. Do not exceed 30 minutes.
    4. Make a note of the time that was required to reach the ideal transformation and wash the test strand with plenty of running water to remove all the SUPER X-TREME. Then apply shampoo to check if there are still residues in hair. If the foam is rosy, rinse again and apply shampoo until foam is white.
    5. Let it dry naturally and check out the result. In general, the thickness of hair sorts in “thin”, “medium” or “thick” and the time of action can be estimated from this, but check out always with the strand test result.
    6. If you wish 100% result use Amazon X-TREME directly after application. (Follow the normal step by step Amazon X-TREME eliminating only the Clarifying Shampoo step).


Hair TextureAmount of Smooth CreamAmount of Activator
Fine Hair150g55ml
Medium Hair150g65ml
Thick Hair150g75ml

75g of Smooth Cream + 35ml of Activator

Hair TextureSoftening BreakApproximate Time
Fine Hair10min20min
Medium Hair15min25min
Thick Hair20min35min

WARNING: Contains alkali. Avoid contact with eyes. Can cause blindness. This product should only be used for its intended purpose, being dangerous for any other use.

PRECAUTIONS: keep out of reach of children. Do not apply the product if scalp shows any irritability or sensitivity (dandruff, sores, abrasions, etc.). In case of irritation, discontinue use immediately. Wear gloves during application. Do not reuse packaging. Keep the product in a cool, well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight. Do not use on bleached hair, with highlights, treated with henê, hennas, thioglicolato-based straighteners, thiolaminas, liquid and cream colors. Do not use on children and pregnant women. The Strand Test is essential. The mixture of cream with the activator is valid for 12 hours. Do not reuse leftovers after this time.

Remember the strand test time. Start to count the time of permanence of the SUPER X-TREME in the hair when you start the application, and not when the product is distributed entirely in the hair. Respect the time of application. Never exceed the limit of time obtained in the test section.

As any product with transformation substance, must avoid contact with skin. Protect the scalp, forehead, ears and neck with Vaseline.

■ Hair should be dry and detangled. Divide into 4 sections with non-metallic hair clip.
■ Separate hair into 4 sections, ear to ear, front to nape.
■ Set the clock according to the strand test held.
■ Then prepare the mixture of cream SUPER X-TREME SMOOTH CREAM with the SUPER X-TREME ACTIVATOR in accordance with the table of percentage. Apply from the growth of hair, starting at the back of the head towards the frontal lobes, always from the top of the head down.
■ After the SUPER X-TREME SMOOTH CREAM application, start counting until 15 minutes for the softening of the fiber. After that time, start the alignment of the fiber with the comb’s back rubbing slowly the comb on the fiber to obtain the expected result (see the table of Capillary Orientation).
■ When all the desired hair fiber extension is covered, thoroughly rinse with warm or hot water. Be sure that hair is completely free of product residue.

Apply COPACABANA CONDITIONER to return the malleability and the new hair structure.

Use STEP 3 to analyze the presence of chemical residues and to stabilize the pH of the hair fiber. If the foam is rosy it is a sign that there is still residual hair product. In this case, repeat the operation until the foam is completely white.