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RG Cosmetics Collagen Hair Mist 4 oz


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RG Cosmetics Collagen Hair Mist 4 oz. Revitalizing hairform the inside out. Restoring and boosting Collagen Protein.

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RG Cosmetics Collagen Hair Mist  4 oz

Collagen infused hair mist and mask that has a revitalizing effect on hair.

The RG Cosmetics Collagen Collection is made up of the Collagen Hair Mist Treatment and the Collagen Mask. This collagen infused collection has a revitalizing effect on hair by:

– Revitalizing hair from the inside out.
– Restoring and boosting collagen protein.
– Strengthening, thickening and plumping hair.
– Reconstructing damaged cuticles.

Step by Step Instructions for Collagen Hair Mist:
Use: Hair collagen infusion treatment that has a revitalizing effect on hair by restoring collagen protein; strengthening, thickening and plumping hair; and reconstructing damaged cuticles while leaving a brilliant shine.
Recommended for over-processed, damaged and / or hair with split ends.

  1. Wash hair with the RG Cosmetics Shampoo thoroughly to ensure hair is clean.
  2. towel-dry hair.
  3. Shake the RG Cosmetics Collagen Hair Mist bottle before use. Spray hair with the Collagen Hair Mist from the middle to the ends of hair Spread the product throughout hair by brushing hair with a big comb.
  4. Divide hair into sections and blow-dry hair to perfect finish.
  5. For best results it is recommended to flat iron hair. Pre-heat flat iron at 450°F.
    Note: If hair is blond or damaged, flat iron at 350°F. Carefully flat iron hair from the nape up sealing the hair cuticle. Note: Always curve the ends to the inside creating a perfect finish.
  6. Finish treatment by applying the RG Cosmetics Argan Oil to the ends of hair and style per clienet desire.
  • Attention:
  • When applying the Collagen Hair Mist, do not use the Collagen Mask or any other conditioner after hair is initially washed with the RG Cosmetics Shampoo.
  • Do not apply Collagen Hair Mist or Mask to scalp.
  • Flat iron temperature should be 450°F (230°C). If hair is a blond color or damaged, use the flat iron at temperature of 360°F (180°C) / base on stylist assessment.
  • This treatment focuses on restoration of hair cuticles / strands. That is why it is very important to blow-dry and flat iron hair to a perfect finish, always curving the ends inward.
  • It is of paramount importance for quality equipment to be used along with professional competence (proper application, blow-dry and flat iron technique) to ensure the best results.
  • In case of product contact with eyes, immediately rinse eyes with running water.
  • Carefully follow the guidelines contained in this instructions manual. Small changes in the application process may interfere with the final result.
  • RG Tip: Use of RG Cosmetics Collagen Line will maintain and enhance this treatment.